Monday, May 22, 2017

American Culture

          Throughout the world, there are different norms due to different cultures depending on where you are.  Like so, in the United States, we have some very specific traits about America culture that make us stick out like a sore thumb in terms of the whole world. Just to list a few values of America versus other places in the world, Americans value things like: personal control, time management, justice, competition, directness, practicality, efficiency and materialism. Do I realize as I am writing this how much of a mouthful that statement was? Yes, of course. Breaking it down, however, I'll just mention a few things about out values here in America.
          Beginning with time and control, Americans value the action of being on time. We see it as polite and respectful of others. While this is true in the U.S., in other countries, being on time can actually be seen as being pushy and rushing a host.
          Next up with competition, the American trait typically involves people trying to work hard and be the best they can at something and wanting to be better off than others. While this isn't true of course for all individuals in America, competition is highly emphasized in American culture like in our sports games. Other countries differ because they tend to value cooperation rather than competition and see  The values are once again are small part of what is a social construction of reality because all these values we have in America as a nation, are different in so many ways in comparison to other countries.
          And of course, materialism and effeciciency. For some reason, Americans feel the need to make things run quickly and effectively. It's a logical thing to do, but we tend to value it over more universal values. Our most easy to point out trait, in my opinion, is meterialism. Americans are know for valuing having the most udated, efficient, and nicest things. Not to mention the most things. Other countries value having practical things and only what they need rather than having the most efficient things and the best things and most things in general.
          Speaking of materialism for that matter, in the video we watched about refugees coming to America, the refugees were stunned at the fact that on Christmas, in America, people put up trees and lights, gives gifts, and eat meals to celebrate. The refugees spoke about how they never exchanged gifts for Vhristmas where they were from ne they didn't put up trees. In their country, they would dance and sing to celebrate in a spiritual way rather than in materialistic nature.
          Though I would love nothing more to say that some of these traits were not the way I see myself, I will admit that being raised in an American society has impactsed the way I go about life and impacts hose around me. I suppose that while I don't always think about it, both the American society that I live in, as well as I both are competitive, meterialistic, controlling, efficient, direct, etc. our society impacts who we are and who we become. Therefore, Americans, like myself, are shaped into the kind of people that we surround ourselves with like Americans.


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